“ Nowlin’s art avoids clichés as assiduously as he would stepping into cactus.” T. Hurst, Washington Post.

“ This is my self portrait, though I prefer motorcycles. Maybe this is more about my native New Mexico, balanced between past and future.” B. C. Nowlin.

A Good Place”, “Finding
Let Me”, “Count”,
Into There”, “New Sky”,
“Newer”, “Stay”,
To Themselves”, “Perfect Night,
Always Here”, “Ever Here, “Were Here

“A surreal combination of reflection, light, and movement.” J. Goldberg, ‘Focus’, Santa Fe, NM.

It’s all happening here, everyone moving toward the light. Who are those riders? Jay Leno once said if you turn my paintings around, 'You can see all their faces on the back'. Wish I could. B.C. Nowlin.





“New Day”,“The Gathering”,
“This Eve”, “
When They Do”,
Present”, “Search”,
Kindred Spirit”, “Over”,

“A mythical realist of the highest order”, ‘Southwest Art’

“I paint where I want to be, and I love this place.” B.C. Nowlin.

“Dark to Light”, “Gifting”,
“Continue”, “Ceremony”,
“Returns”, “Kiva”,
“Entrada”, “Nightways”,

Contact, Coyote

Ancient places as Egyptian as Southwestern; Lofty, Serene, and Immaculate.” ‘BIE WIE BASIL Magazine’, Vern, Switzerland.

“ These places are home to the spirit. For all their mystery, they seem like home to me.”
B.C. Nowlin.


“Spirit Ride”, “Frontline”
“In Red”, “Red Talkers”,
“Three”, “Spirit Man”

“Images of integrity, talent, and vision.” J. Simon, ‘Associated Press.’

“These people gather for ceremony of something holy, something wonderful. We all came from a tribal heritage. Maybe this is memory” B.C. Nowlin.

“October”, “Origin”,

“These riders are going into the future”, Sophia Loren.

“It’s all about the journey. Not ahead, not behind, but right here.” B.C. Nowlin.

“Creation”, Found
“Miles Away”,
The Route

“There is a magical, spiritual aspect to Nowlin’s best work”
R. Hay, ‘Prime Times’

“It’s not the field or the flowers….It’s the wind, light, and atmosphere.” B.C. Nowlin.

“Blue Moon”,
Motel in Blue

“It’s all about the journey. Not ahead, not behind, but right here.” B.C. Nowlin.